Crushin’ it! Top 5 crushes we all have but shouldn’t act on

Vintage bar

Let’s be honest, no matter if in a relationship or not, we are all blessed with a bit of a wandering eye, and occasionally we enjoy what we see a little too much. We all have our random everyday crushes, be it the hunk working on that building site over the road, the guy with the cute smile making your coffee every morning or the handsome sales assistant at General Pants, crushes are an everyday thing and really there is no harm in doing a bit of window-shopping here and there. However, deep down we know, that most of these attractions wouldn’t have a serious future, acted we upon them. So what else was I going to do than write up a list of top five everyday crushes and why it’s better to just continue with the creepy staring than attempting to turn the daydream lover into a real-world boyfriend:

1. The sexy co-worker

Why we love him: A glimpse of this fine specimen across the room and all Excel related frustrations and missed deadlines are no longer of relevance. He is the colourful candy sprinkle on your oh-so-boring office ice cream. He turns you and all the other ladies into giggling school girls when he walks past, really, he is the entertainment of the place.

Why it wouldn’t work: If you saw him out of the office, you probably wouldn’t notice the dude. He’s really just the best out of the bunch, so don’t ruin it for you and the other dames, keep your hands off for entertainment’s sake.

2. The handsome barman

Why we love him: I think it’s something primal. The whole behind the bar mixing cocktails, being in charge and owning it kinda thing just makes girls swoon. Pair that with a striking jawline, messy hair and a cocky attitude and you’ve got me.  I really don’t know what it is, but the barmen get me every time! (There is a particularly hot one at the Australian Heritage Hotel in the Rocks, I nearly fainted when I saw him, just sayin’!)

Why it wouldn’t work: Because he’s a freakin’ BARMAN!! !If you give him your number on a Friday, Melly, Kelly and another 600 beer-goggled girls will have done the same thing by Saturday. Do I need to say more?

3. The hot guy in the elevator

Why we love him: Because he’s hot, hot, hot and smells so good on an early Monday morning.  And the awkward, I know you but I don’t know you smile he presents every time you see him is just sooo cute!!! Omg!!

Why it wouldn’t work: Yes, if this was a chick flick you’d make it through all sorts of awkward phases and end up together but, I have you know,  a chick flick it is not and you are setting yourself up for a lot of uncomfortable elevator rides or a lifetime of stair taking. Let’s leave things at a friendly nod. (On the note of chick flicks, has anyone seen the trailer for  Cameron Diaz’ latest masterpiece – dying to see it!!!)

4. The cute guy on the bus

Why we love him: No one jumps on that 380 as gracefully as he does, no one has ever offered his seat to an elderly lady as kindly as he has and no one has ever presented a bus ticket as smoothly as he has.

Why it wouldn’t work: I got nothing, if you are able to get a non-awkward, embarrassment-free conversation happening, the guy is yours….there is always an alternative bus if it doesn’t work out.

5. The dashing barista

Why we love him: Not quite as breath-taking as the barman but definitely the little brother in terms of hotness. Again, not sure what it is about men who mix beverages, but a man who can make a good coffee, is definitely a keeper….

Why it wouldn’t work:  Similar reasons as to why we are steering clear of the mixologist plus good coffee is hard to find, so don’t let the chap spoil the capp! (LOL at myself). On that note, should you be a Starbucks kinda girl, then hit away, darling….the next coffee shop is just around the corner.

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