Having a Broke moment – Hunter Valley cont’d

The gang, Kramer, Ted and Seamus, about to cause some mischief..

Following my guide on where to drink in the Hunter Valley, I feel inclined to tell all you wine lovers out there where to sleep in the Hunter Valley – believe me after a day of wine, spirit and cheese tastings you’ll be in need of a good nap.

Before I reveal my favourite hideaway, I have to admit I am slightly biased, and not just because I very much enjoy hanging out by the retreat’s pool, which I do a lot. My bias also has little to do with the fact that the property is outrageously beautiful; featuring a lake with onsite cabana granting the most stunning views of the Brokenback Mountain Range, neither am I (overly) influenced by the three adorable miniature donkeys or Princess the horse, who, according to my friend Sarah, is the animal version of Beyonce. Ok, I admit it, all these things add to making this an exceptional spot and a wonderful sanctuary, but what makes this place so very special are the owners, Jane and Ross, who are like family to me. (I told you, Jane, the mention was coming!)

So, let me solve the mystery. The place you are looking to stay at is called Pemberley Grange located just around the corner from Margan in Broke, where you’ll be ending your Hunter Valley experience, should you be following my guide. How convenient!

At Pemberley Grange, you’ll find three luxurious villas, six units in total all with kitchenette, spacious bath, large lounge-cum-bedroom as well as breath-taking views from the private terraces.You’ll get served a lovely continental breakfast, including fresh eggs from the property’s own hens, Miss Agatha-May, Miss Isadora Duncan, Miss Sue and Miss Dolly. And at dawn you can see kangaroos hopping by your bedroom window, which to me is still utterly fascinating.


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