Where to find Mr Right

At the beachLooking at my track record, I should probably be writing a guide on where to meet Mr Wrong, but what’s the fun in that? Anyway, dating fails aside, there are a few places I know, where you can actually meet guys and have the relationship go somewhere. Surprise, surprise night clubs are not on the list.

The grocery store
Yes, you can meet guys at the grocery store. I mean ok, they won’t  be standing by the cheese counter ready to hit on you but they will be out and about and if he’s single (and sometimes even when he’s not), he’ll be just as aware of an attractive female frolicking around the store with her basket as you’ll be of Mister Muscle and his cart full o protein powder. So stop wearing your trackies to Coles, put on a bra and get your flirt on, he might be hiding behind the pasta aisle.

A house party
This one is on par with meeting through friends, apparently one of the best ways to meet Prince Charming. I say ‘apparently’, because this one hasn’t worked out for me so far. I actually think my friends should go out and find themselves male friends that are better suited to me, hrrm just sayin’. Anyway, I am getting side-tracked, what I was meant to write was, a house party is a great spot to meet, it’s a relaxed atmosphere, everyone’s a little bit drunk and you can always get a friend/the host to introduce you. Now go and find yourself a house party!

A bar
I like hanging out at a nice bar. To me, bars are easily the sophisticated older brothers of nightclubs. People are still out on the prowl but it’s usually in a classier manner. In bars you can chat and have a conversation, you’re relaxed yet (hopefully) not as drunk as you’d be at 3 am in a club, so you actually stand a chance of remembering your opposite and making a good judgement on whether to text back the next day.

At the beach/gym
Both are places where we are somewhat inappropriately dressed, which I think is an advantage, it takes the edge off. Both are (or at least should be) rather natural environments in terms of styling. At the beach your basically naked and at the gym you’re sweaty and dressed in Lycra (or similar), if a guy finds you attractive in these two scenarios and vice versa, then I think that’s enough reason to at least head out for a drink.

And last but not least…The Oktoberfest
I am strictly talking about the original back in Germany, of course. No matter if you’re looking for something with a future or not, the Oktoberfest is the place to meet people. I know of a heap of couples, Germans as well as other nationalities, who have met there and been together ever since. And if you think our traditional outfits aren’t sexy, well I beg to differ, in fact they are quite fan-tas-tic.

There you have it, now it that wasn’t helpful, I don’t know what is. Off to Woolworths you go!

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