Darling, let’s eat! That thing about food on a first date

Dinner Date

I like food and I like guys, but somehow the two don’t always go together for me, especially not in the early stages of a relationship. In fact, I know a lot of girls who are utterly confused over what is deemed okay to order on a first date and what isn’t. We have all heard a million times that guys prefer a girl who eats a steak or burger over a girl who orders a salad.  So here’s a ground rule, order yourself a decent meal not a side dish, however neither burger nor salad are really meals to be eaten in a sophisticated manner. You either end up having lettuce stuck out of the corner of your mouth, shooting that cherry tomato across the table or covering yourself, face included, in ketchup and other condiments (I love mayo…mmm).

Let’s be serious here for a second, besides all the steak talk, guys don’t actually like a girl who handles her food better than they do, red meat is after all a man’s prerogative. Believe me, if you want to impress the fella go for a healthy yet substantial option. This says, yes I eat but I look after myself. That’s all you can do to make yourself feel safe with the eating situation.

Oh you’re one of those girls who doesn’t care? Who will inhale that said burger faster than he can say: “And a side of chips please?” Well, that’s fine too, as long as you feel comfortable doing it. Bottom line, do what you are comfortable with and what won’t leave you red cheeked and embarrassed, that’s all dates are really: Impressing someone you barely know.

I for my part and many of the women I have spoken to, hate eating in front of a guy we just met. I think it’s to do with the stigma media has put on food. You are what you eat. Well not really now, or else we’d all have us a large portion of sexy with some beautiful on the side. But we do judge people on their eating behaviour and their daily choices, simply because we all strive to be physically perfect and our chosen other half needs to live up to that, of course! Anyway, it is what it is, we live in a society that expects certain things from us, men and women alike, and we all are trying to conform. Unfortunately and fortunately – depending how you look at it – health, fitness and nutrition are a big part of that, which then becomes part of the bundle you’re trying to sell to the catch of the day.

It’s all superficial and no one cares, you might say, let me tell you, it’s not. Have you opened a magazine, facebook or instagram lately? We are surrounded by images of people who spend days upon days at the gym looking fab, eating healthy and giving us average people a run for our money, so do yourself a favour and at least pretend as you’re trying to win over that beau of yours!

What’s even worse than the pressure to pretend you are an absolute health freak and know your good from your bad fats is when the guy actually comments on your meal choice or the amount you ate – kill me now! If you’re reading this and you are male, please take this one to heart. Don’t comment on a girl’s eating habits until you’ve known her for at least five months!

A couple of years back I was seeing this guy (I really know how to pick them), on date numbero uno he ended the meal by pointing at my plate saying: “Oh someone was hungry, you ate it ALL.” Oh how I wished I could have just disappeared then and there, if only I could have turned into the dim sum on the table next to us. Boy, did I feel embarrassed. On our second date (yes, I went on a second date, I am a sucker for hopeless cases) I made a point of NOT finishing my dinner and he looked at me, shook his head and said: “You never finish your meals, do you?!” I kid you not this happened! Both comments made me feel uncomfortable but the first more than the later, so moral of the story, you can’t go right but you can go embarrassingly wrong. Uh-hu, honey!

In my humble opinion, and the only one that counts because this is my blog, food commentary is unnecessary AND rude. Honestly, people have all these different relationships with food these days, good, bad, healthy, unhealthy, from diet requirements, to life choices and disorders, you are better off just keeping it to yourself, stop judging me because I enjoy  weird combinations of foods and consider cereal an appropriate meal at any time of the day.

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