How to get over a breakup


Shout out to pizza, doughnuts, ice cream and martinis! Best replacement lovers eveeeeer!

Well, to be honest, that’s not quite how it goes or else I’d be an obese alcoholic by now and THAT would be unacceptable. Believe me when I say, I am the phoenix of breakups, no matter the reasons. After all, we want the now-ex to cry us that oh-so-famous river. I mean come on, he just lost the best thing that ever happened to him, right?!
So, girlfriend put down the ice cream, wipe that chocolate sauce off your face and let’s get to work. Here’s how you use a breakup to your advantage and emerge a better version of yourself at the end of the relationship tunnel.

1. Friends
You probably neglected them while you were in a relationship, no judgement, we all do it. But now is the time to catch up, rekindle those relationships and enjoy a few nights out here and there. Dress up, get out, be fabulous and have fun with the girls.

2. Hobbies
We all get complacent and a little lazy when we are in a relationship. We naturally prefer being home spending time with the lovvverrrr and doing things together that are not necessarily OUR preferred pastimes, just because it seems like the right thing to do and that is a-ok but now you’re single again and you can do what the heck you want, so do it! Want to get back into hitting the gym four days a week? Do it! Want to join a tap dance class? Do it! Want to learn a language? Do it! Always wanted to try your hand at painting? Do it!

3. Eating
Be good to yourself, and I am not talking about feeding yourself tons of junk food whilst watching Pretty Woman. Eat healthy, treat your body well. No matter if you want to lose a few pounds, tone up or just stay fit. Make sure you give your body what it needs, so you feel good inside and out. Eat well and be active and your confidence will grow, easy. Oh, and stay away from those post breakup haircuts, a peroxide pixie doesn’t actually suit every face shape.

4. The bucket list
Get back to working on that bucket list. What are the things you always wanted to do? Now is exactly the time to embark on all the adventures you forgot about while you were hitched. Make some awesome memories by yourself or with good friends. Learn to be an individual again, it sounds so easy but when you’ve spent a long time being one part of a couple, it can be quite difficult. Remind yourself that you don’t need another person to define who you are. Be selfish for a little bit, just because you can.

5. Own that single life
You are a single lady now and you are allowed to enjoy it! Go out with your girl mates, stay out ‘til four in the morning; get together, have slumber parties and have a Sex and the City marathon, buy yourself a stack of trashy gossip mags and read them cover to cover. Learn to enjoy being on your own again, and as cheesy as it sounds be good to yourself and treat yourself the way you’d expect other people to. Gain your confidence back, once you stop with the self-pitying and start loving yourself again that’s when you know you’ve recovered and most importantly grown and improved.

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