10 types of guys you’ll find at house parties this weekend


Thank God it’s Thursday! A long weekend means only one thing: It’s party time! So let’s say, you’ve been invited to yet another alcohol fuelled gathering and you know virtually no one. Great, this is the perfect scenario to meet people, make friends and maybe bag yourself a prince (hopefully in a onesie, yess!! I love a good onesie party). To make things easier for all of us this weekend, I have spent some time figuring out what type of men you might meet at the said event and what you can expect from them. Oh single life, the things you make me do!

1. Mr Super Geek
Geek, nerd, science freak, no matter what you want to call him, he’s there either in the backyard staring at the stars and giving you a low-down of the milky way or somewhere analysing the household’s security system. Either way, if you’re interested in the planet’s dynamics and you better be if you start a conversation with this specimen, then he’s your man! I mean come on, long has The Big Bang Theory proven that geeks are hot too, well at least a little bit!

2. Mr Hipster
He’s tall, he’s bearded, he’s too cool for school, he wears those geek glasses better than the geek himself and the button-up is so tight you’re kinda scared he might choke. Bottom line, he’s sexy and he knows it. He might speak to you, he might not, I never know with Mr Hipster, what I do know though, he’s the type of guy I’d have my eye on all night, hoping he’ll make the first move….

3. Mr Cutie Pie (don’t ever call him that to his face…awww)
Mr Cutie Pie will catch your eye and he WILL talk to you. He’s good looking, attentive and refreshingly sweet. He’s total boyfriend material when interested. But be careful, you’re not the only one who’s noticed him so if there’s chemistry, then make sure you chat to him early on in the night when he’s still decently sober – those beer goggles work for Mr Cutie Pie too.

4. Mr Unavailable
He’s in a relationship, freshly divorced, separated or broken up. Mr Unavailable is a lovely guy but totally unavailable and shortly into the conversation he’ll tell you all about his girlfriend, ex or future wife. If you’re looking for a good chat, a friend and maybe someone to go on double dates with (given that you’re taken too), he’s your man.

5. Mr Entertainment
He’s the life of the party, he’s funny, he’s witty and girls love him but there is something fake and unreal about the guy. Is he hiding a severe form of depression? Unfortunately, you won’t find out until much later. If you, yourself like the limelight then he might not be the one for you, he’s a bit of an attention whore (excuse the language) and his loud ways tend to get exhausting.

6. Mr Drunk
What can I say, you’ll find him at every party. He’s here with a bunch of mates, all equally as drunk and having a hell of a time. He’s probably not looking to make new friends and just happy to have fun with his buddies.

7. Mr Desperado
(Hopefully) Single and ready to mingle. He’s hitting on every female in the room and won’t give up until he’s bagged himself a dame for the night. Not my type of guy and I would hope not yours either.

8. Mr Know-It-All
Know-it-alls are annoying at the best of times, but being lectured about everything and anything at a party? No thank you. If you’re ready to have your every thought challenged and are keen to debate the night away, then Mr Know-It-All is your conversation buddy for the evening! I, for my part, will enjoy my beverage on the other side of the room. Cheers!

9. Mr Business

What you see is what you get. He’s nice, he’s charming and he’s in love with his job. He’ll gloat about his work achievements, his responsibilities and what it takes to BE him. He is married to his job and if you like the dude and want to take the encounter further, then that’s something you’ll have to accept.

10. Mr World Traveller

He’s the hippie of the bunch, he is in his mid-twenties and on a quest to find himself. He’s been to South America, Europe and about to head off to Asia, he is chronically unemployed but has the best stories to tell and you can’t help but feel jealous of his life. He’s a good friend to have but dating the fella won’t make you happy in the long run, unless you’re prepared to pack your bags and jump on a plane to Seoul.

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