Must-have beauty product of the moment: Living Proof Hair Care

From the iconic bob Jen Aniston sported when still on Friends to her ever changing shades of blonde some of us are paying a little fortune to copy, Jen’s hair is a celebrity in its own right. So when I heard that Jen and her hair are co-owning a beauty company, Living Proof, which creates fabulous hair products, I had to get my hands on them immediately.
Having really long but quite fine hair, I am always looking for serums, foams and creams to give my hair a bit of that Kim Kardashian fullness (I ensure you, I am talking about her hair not bum). So naturally I tried Living Proof’s Full range, and can I just say, I’m in love. The range smells super fresh and for once does as it promises, it really gives your hair a whole lot more volume and bounce that lasts all day. My favourite product from the line is the Thickening Cream which doesn’t make your hair look dull and product-laden as many other volumizing potions do.

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