An open letter to the dashing young gentleman on the plane

businessman at airport

I have spent a serious amount of time on planes lately and I am forever hoping for that romantic encounter with a good looking, smart man who is sat right next to me. Just like in the movie Valentine’s Day, in which Bradley Cooper and Julia Roberts meet, only, I will not be coming home from war and Mr Dreamboat will be straight AND single. So in case my future plane husband reads my blog – and why wouldn’t he? – I have written a letter (i.e. to do list), which contains all minor and major details I would like our first plane date to go by.

Dear beautiful stranger, who I haven’t met yet,

I hope you are doing well and are looking forward to our encounter as much as I do. Here are some pointers I would like you to keep in mind for when we do meet. And no, I am not high maintenance, I swear!

1. If our eyes meet and we both signal interest but it so happens that we are not seated next to each other, then please take the initiative to swap seats with the person next to me. Should you be in first or business class, I wouldn’t mind if you paid for my upgrade – there is hardly anything more romantic.

2. Plane food is gross, please pack snacks and share them with me.

3. Please speak English or German, I would hate to see this whole thing fail because YOU speak the wrong language.

4. Once we have chatted, shared our life stories and have established that we were made for one another, please lend me your shoulder to sleep on, I am a nervous flyer and sleep much better when I am allowed to cuddle up to someone and if you’re too manly for your blanket, I’ll have that too.

5. Ask for my contact details, or else planning our wedding might turn out to be a little difficult.

With lots of love, hugs and kisses,

2 thoughts on “An open letter to the dashing young gentleman on the plane

  1. for some reason, it wouldn’t let me LIKE – neede a password it said, well get lost I said,

    not that im being uncooperative you understand, merely forgetful….


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