Must-have beauty product of the moment: Clarisonic Aria Facial Sonic Cleanser


If you haven’t noticed yet, I love beauty products and I love things that make me feel good, which are two things that a lot of the time go hand-in-hand. Wearing my favourite perfume for example can change my mood instantly just as much as listening to my favourite song can have an uplifting effect. I think we all should pay more attention to those little things that can make us feel happy, content and confident. Anyway, I am getting side tracked with my empowerment speech here.
What I really wanted to introduce to you today, is a beauty product I recently re-discovered for myself: The Clarisonic Aria Facial Sonic Cleanser.
I am 26, and I like my skin to look 26 and not 16, what I mean by that is, I like to avoid getting zits and breakouts, I already look ridiculously young for my age, I don’t need a spot on my forehead screaming TEENAGER, thank you very much! And because I love beauty gadgets and not just lotions and potions, I have tried and discovered this gem to be my new number one. Not only does it look good in my bathroom – it comes in three colours white (a bit blahh), a sleek black (my favourite), candy apple (for all my Snow Whites out there) and a girly pink – it also makes my skin feel super refreshed and smooth. The cleanser features three speeds (Delicate, Universal and Powerful), an adjustable T-Timer and interchangeable brush heads. And if you’re one of those people who press snooze five times too many in the morning, you’ll love that Aria is waterproof so you can clean your face whilst shampooing your hair, female multitasking at its finest.

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