10 reasons why living by yourself is simply ahhmazing


You know those people who just can’t be alone, who constantly feel the need to be out and about meeting friends and doing things? I am that kind of person or, should I say, I was that person until recently, when I learned one fancy little thing, I am actually pretty great to hang out with, yeah take that! I realised, I actually don’t mind my own company. That stuff kinda threw me, I must be growing up. So when it came down to moving again – I am a sucker for that, staying in one spot just doesn’t seem to be my thing – I decided to give the whole living alone, grown-up thing a go and here I am, in my own fabulous little apartment writing a blog on why I absolutely love living by myself and why I recommend everyone gives it a go:

1. An obvious one: Dancing around in the lounge room wearing nothing but your underwear Risky Business style – just make sure you shut the blinds….

2. The sense of accomplishment that sets in once you realise you’re grown up enough to not only live by yourself but are also able to afford to do so.

3. You get excited over the most ridiculous things, guess what I bought the other day? Matching handtowels and a vacuum cleaner. I even own a bottle opener….it doesn’t get more exciting than this. And I am still waiting on my art prints… oh the tension!

4. Inviting people over to your maison to host an evening of home cooked foods and odd iTunes playlists because your internet isn’t installed yet. Not sure how many times I said “You don’t have to eat this if you don’t like it, here’s more wine” and “Sorry there is no food in the fridge, in fact I switched it off, let’s go for coffee” in the last two weeks. Still learning guys, still learning…

5. Knowing that you will return to your little bubble of peace and find it just the way you left it, no fear of having to clean up after someone else, no more avocado stuck to the floor! yayy! Oh and there will never be a queue for the bathroom again, unless you have guests and that’s just a totally different scenario…

6. You learn to be more independent, I mean I’ve lived abroad and away from my family for many years, but living by yourself is definitely different than living with friends. Suddenly it’s down to you to figure out whether you’re having a seizure or the fire alarm’s on its last legs.

7. The guy from Telstra becomes your new BFF, you’ll consider calling him up in the middle of the night to complain about boys. You get regular text messages and phone calls from him anyways (your bundle has been delayed, has it now?? Has it???) why not take the relationship to the next level?

8. You’ll turn into a pro at building Ikea furniture, Leirvik anyone? Just step away from the drawers, you’ll never make those bad boys work…

9. Dating… yeah nah, living by yourself won’t help you with that… but you can eat as much candy as you like and no one will judge you (apart from yourself, you WILL judge you).

10. Noise levels – as long as you don’t turn your flat into a club no one cares what you listen to and how loud you sing along to it….you’re as free as a falcon stretching its wings over the Bavarian Alps…

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