10 things that really inconvenience my life

cupcake in a golden case

Things are going pretty well right now, knock on wood, so obviously I need to find something to complain and write about, no one wants to hear about how great someone else’s life is. I actually just had this conversation with a friend of mine. I think the reason I am so scared of relationships is, I only ever hear about the bad sides because no one really ever raves on about how ahhmaazzingg everything is, not for long anyways because it gets pretty boring pretty quickly and gossip is much more fun, period. Anyways, I am getting side tracked again, in today’s post I am going to share 10 little things that really inconvenience my life.

1. Muesli bars with hidden chocolate sprinkles – ok this might be a bit weird, as about 94% on this list – but when I get a muesli/cereal/nut bar I am clearly trying to be healthy. I am by no means trying to hide chocolate in oats. I just want the freakin’ oats. Also, I don’t like the taste of plain chocolate very much. Actually, may I just have cake?

2. Telstra – long gone are the days that I wanted to take Mr Telstra Service Team Man and my late night talks further and deepen our friendship, can I get Foxtel installed already? Why is my bundle STILL delayed??

3. Floury fruit – yuck! And winter, I don’t do cold well.

4. Velvet, I really loathe that stuff. I have never been able to touch it and I doubt I ever will. Also, the real reason why I am not married to Prince.

5. Uncomfortable socks – yeah, well socks need to fit like a glove, like a glove I say!

6. Hangovers! I love sweet wine and dessert wine, unfortunately the pain one experiences the next day is not even close to being worth it.

7. Moodiness and rudeness. Just get your act together already. A smile and a positive attitude don’t cost a darn thing but it will make each day that much more beautiful.

8. Food that looks good but tastes like cardboard. That’s just wasted calories. Very upsetting.

9. The nightly road works in front of my building. I think they’ve stopped now, I’ll know for sure by around 3am.

10. Jet lags, time differences and long distances. The great pains of my life, for obvious reasons. Parentals, I miss you!

3 thoughts on “10 things that really inconvenience my life

  1. I cant believe you only have Telsrta second…they are always top of my list especially when it comes to installing Foxtel…Good luck – your going to need it…The sooner there is some serious competition to Foxtel the better.


  2. Telstra is such poo! It seems like they are making even Vodafone look good. You should just give up on Foxtel, what are you going to watch? reruns of Eastender’s? Some edgy Swedish film which you could have watched on SBS 2 anyway? Finally no amount of haptodysphoria should ever get in the way of your desire to be married to Prince.


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