Must-have beauty product of the moment: Benefit They’re Real Mascara


I admit it, I am easily influenced by packaging. So it’s no surprise that I am drawn to brands such as Soap and Glory – who, as it seems are in the process of changing their branding and with that their signature retro visuals (nooo!!) – and Benefit. If I could, I would purchase the whole Benefit range just because it would look amazing in my bathroom. But money doesn’t grow on trees and I really don’t need THAT much make-up and/or products, so I am going to settle for a few staples. This includes the They’re Real! Mascara. I prefer mascaras that feature a plastic or rubber brush, they define lashes better and give you that 1960s Bridget Bardot va-va-voom. The They’re Real Mascara lengthens, curls, volumises, lifts and separates, and if you own an eyelash curler, even better, you can make those babies look as seductive as you like! Unfortunately, Benefit doesn’t yet do a waterproof version however, if  for whatever reason you’re in need of a mascara that stays on in the water and doesn’t smudge, Givenchy’s got something for you. Their Phenomen’Eyes Mascara, with a ball-shaped rubber brush, is just as fantastic and will cover all your underwater needs.


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