Kim Kardashian’s app made my IQ drop

Kim K

I might not be part of her target market, partly because I’m over the age of 15 and have a brain, but after playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, or shall I say making it to level 2 in which I got a modelling contract and caused some drama with a celebrity for hitting on her boyfriend – how does that even happen in the virtual world? – I really wonder who this game is for and what they were thinking. It’s neither inspiring nor insightful and doesn’t teach kids anything. It’s not even a challenging game, all you do is swipe and press and run from LA to Hollywood and back. The only thing I took away from the game is that even my virtual me, no matter how much I customise my appearance, will never ever be as voluptuous as Kim. Yeah, I really needed an app for that.

Maybe it’s supposed to teach me that had I not gotten myself a Master’s degree, moved to Hollywood instead and worked in retail, I, myself could be a model, socialite or self-published pornstar? Thanks Kim, but no! no! no! Don’t you go telling that to the 15-year olds of this world! Funnily enough, the above mentioned incident with someone else’s beloved boyfriend even got me bonus points, because I made it into the newspapers! And somewhere in level two I was told that “getting new clothing, cars, and homes can increase your star power for love and work”. Great…loving this…not.

I get that this is a game and I get that it’s supposed to be light-hearted fun and surely appeals to a lot of people, I mean, even I downloaded it ( mainly because I love a good giggle and it was free) but this game, not surprisingly, has zero value, if anything it causes you to ask yourself why on earth you’re even wasting your time with it.
Ok, I admit it, a small part of me wonders whether I’d get to marry Kanye’s brother at the end? Does he even have a brother? Ooo, excuse me, I am off googling Kanye’s family tree now..maybe he’s got an app too….

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