The Tinder Chronicles: 10 things that will seem familiar if you’re into the game


I barely know anyone who hasn’t tried Tinder. I even have friends who are in relationships and use the app for pure amusement. It’s addictive, it’s fun and so wonderfully judgemental. No matter the reasons for your tindering, here are 10 things that will seem familiar if you’re into the app.

1. You ruthlessly start obsessing over height. Are his friends like reaaallllyyy tall? How do you calculate the torso-leg-ratio, there must be a way!? I mean, let’s be honest, how rude is it to just ask?

2. You realise that men think we all want a guy who owns a puppy, rocks a six-pack, has a close relationship with an elderly person and regularly hangs out with children – some of these photo choices are just questionable.

3. Spelling errors in the description section make you sad.

4. If a guy says he likes long walks on the beach, yoga, days at the gym and herbal-infused tea, he’s probably a douche.

5. You’ve never seen this many male nipples in your life – what’s up with the shirtless selfies, guys?

6. You’ve definitely come across someone you know, have hooked up with, have dated, or wish you had dated. So what’s next? A polite wave across the room (ie right swipe) or are we avoiding the awkwardness? As for me, I embrace it. Guess what? I just love a story!

7. You go through phases. Some days you decide to only go for the hottest dudes out there, on other days you’re the Mother Teresa of right swipes, everyone deserves a chance, right?? Those days are usually followed by hours of blocking and/or ignoring.

8. You go from feeling like the prettiest girl at the ball because you match with anyone and everyone to feeling like the ugly duckling once the match rate drops. What do you mean I didn’t match with THAT guy? Who does he think he is?

9. You accidentally swipe left instead of right and want to drown yourself in a large cup of hot chocolate – I just lost my hot soul mate! Noooooooo!

10. Moments robbed you of your innocence.

What do you think? Did I forget anything? Feel free to share your own stories with me.

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