‘I do’ need to increase the budget: 4 steps to take once you’ve agreed to tie the knot


By Franziska Dotzauer

Anyone who knows me, knows, this is huge, massive in fact. It’s happening, I am getting married. I never thought I’d find myself in this situation; I used to be the 24h-relationship kind of girl. I used to think that weddings, children and purchasing houses in suburbia are things for boring people, who have nothing better to do than telling the world about their wonderful, organised and horribly peaceful lives. Yuck! But then I met my boyfriend. And, to be honest, in the very beginning, I didn’t think he was going to be the man I’d ever want to marry, he wasn’t Chris Hemsworth or Brent Smith and I was not seeing myself say “I do” to anyone less than a B celebrity. But then things changed…and well, now here we are. We are getting married, hitched, tying the knot and I am absolutely psyched, who would have thought?!

The fairy tale is about to come true (sort of) and I’m getting more and more excited about jumping into the organisational nightmare that awaits. But what Disney failed to tell me, is that a ball doesn’t just arrange itself. I guess Sleeping Beauty was right to nap right through the wedding preparations. And since I’m no Snow White with seven little helpers to hand, I‘m at a point of no return with absolutely no idea what to do. I consulted my friend Google, which made matters worse. You’ll find billions of DIY instructions, plans, check-lists and much more but at the very end you know nothing.

So, I sat down and focused and realised there are four important steps every bride to be needs to look at once the date has been set.  And, I have you know, the date’s a tricky one by itself, you don’t want YOUR special day to collide with a major sporting event, you want EVERYONE to look at you and not at some dude’s iPad hidden in a well-manicured bush. Anyway, back to the main topic, I actually wanted to talk about the first four items you want to tick off right after the engagement.

Step 1: Location
Every wedding takes place SOMEWHERE. Duhh!!But let me be clear here, a castle with horse carriages might just break the bank. So to all my fellow bridezillas out there, let me tell you one thing, finding the right venue is all about compromising and doing the maths. I am sorry to break this to you but it has to be done.

Some venues will be too big, some too small, some have a ridiculously early closing times, others are beautiful on the inside, but not on the outside and the other way round. It’s exhausting. But, there is hope, at the end of the search you are bound to see the light. I, for example, found this gorgeous 500-year old farm in the middle of the Bavarian countryside right at the foot of the Alps. It is pricey and a bit far from the city (here I am, practicing my ability to compromise), but so lovely. And rustic barn weddings are en vogue, aren’t they?

Step 2: Music
People dance at a wedding – a long research’s conclusion. So, I need music. This is a tricky one, I still haven’t decided where to head with this, so, so far I haven’t just booked a band, a DJ, Bavarian folk music as well as a string quartet for the ceremony. Sounds excessive, right? Well, let’s not tell the fiancé, shall we? I know that Michael Bloomberg once said:  “the cold harsh reality is that we have to balance the budget.”  I bet you he never planned a wedding for over a hundred people, or has he?

Step 3: The ceremony
I’m not religious or part of any church; neither is the husband to be, so I guess having the ceremony in a church or held by a member of the said institution is out of the question. So we need a plan B, preferably a romantic one. I decided to go with a liberal theologian. They cost, wow! But, they kinda do exactly what you want them to do and say what you tell them to say, so, I guess that’s worth the money.

Step 4: Stationery
Invitations! They are a bit of a big thing really; I mean I kinda want people to turn up, really. And because the bloody budget doesn’t  just increase magically I need to start to calculate – AGAIN. First I thought about designing them myself. Just imagine the things I could’ve done with the money I saved? But then I had second thoughts about this. Mostly, because I couldn’t tell the difference between my wedding invitations and the invitations I had crafted for my 8th birthday but also, because memories aren’t forever! Sounds awful, but it’s true. Everyone is pretty drunk at weddings no one will remember what was for dinner, what songs the band played or if your new brother in law really did those push-ups on the dance floor. There’s probably just two things people will keep: stationery and wedding favours ( unless they’re edible). So I changed my mind and decided to go with professionally printed and designed cards. I went with zazzle.com. You can alter their templates and your stationery will carry your thumbprint. Exciting, isn’t it?

So far, I’m pretty proud of myself and once I’ve regained control over this budget of mine I’ll tell you more about decorations, dresses and wedding pictures.

Nothing but love!

Franziska Dotzauer

Franziska Dotzauer, 27, currently lives in Munich, Germany, where she works in film PR. When she isn’t jetting from set to set or organising press junkets she is planning her upcoming wedding. Franziska is getting married to her Finish beau in May 2015 and is excited to share her experiences and all the ups and downs of a bride to be with Love Letters to Ken.

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