10 things I would tell my younger self


To be honest, I am not really too bothered about things that went wrong in the past, as a matter of fact, I am quite happy with how things have panned out. Having said that, I sometimes think I could have benefited from the occasional bitch slap and knowing a few things sooner than I did. So if I could go back in time and have a little chat with my 16-year old self, this is what I would say:

1. Your metabolism will slow down, so find a sport you enjoy already. Don’t choose skateboarding; it’s not for you!

2. Stop worrying about what people think. You can’t please everyone and these people won’t matter in the future anyway.

3. If you meet a guy who goes by a letter rather than a name – back off, he’s trouble! And while we’re on the topic, don’t date guys with the IQ of a peanut.

4. Also, if you date someone for three months and they can’t remember the colour of your eyes, please just leave…it’s NOT cute. Sometimes it’s best to just let people go.

5. People lie, a lot. If you catch them out, make them feel reaaaalllyyy stupid.

6. You have zero musical talent; just trust me on this one. You will not join a band, and you will give up on playing the bass after two years tops.

7. You will never, ever use math or physics in your adult life. So feel free to continue spending your physics classes at Starbucks.

8. Stay away from tequila, it’s the devil’s drink.

9. Being alone isn’t the same as being lonely. Learn to be alone before the age of 26.

10. And lastly, stop stressing so much; you’ll be just fine!

That’s my top 10 list, what would you want to tell your younger self?

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