Must-have beauty product of the moment: Lifestream Vanilla Shimmer Body Whip


If you read this section frequently you’ll already know that I have a soft spot for sweet scents. No matter if we are talking perfume, body lotion or shower gel; the sweeter the smell the more I’m going to be into it. So it’s hardly surprising that I have fallen for yet another candy-scented beauty product. This time it’s Lifestream’s Vanilla Shimmer Body Whip. As the name suggests the rich body whip indulges your senses with the sweet scent of vanilla and a hint of caramel while the combination of shea nut butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, rich oils and extracts moisturise your skin.

This body whip is great for those who, like me, are currently trapped in an Australian winter, as it keeps tired winter skin hydrated and smooth. Having said that, I won’t be shelving the product once summer’s here. Not only does the unique blend of high-quality, all natural ingredients ensure your skin is in a wonderful condition and will keep your tan lasting for a while, the sparkling mica powder component adds a sexy subtle shimmer to sun-kissed skin.

Lifestream Body Treatments is an Australian skincare company, creating all natural, locally sourced beauty products of the highest quality.

3 thoughts on “Must-have beauty product of the moment: Lifestream Vanilla Shimmer Body Whip

  1. Great aussie pick! please check out my blog ❤ i have done a couple of makeup hauls and reviews lately but what i am most proud of is my skin bible series. it is designed to take you on a skincare journey through developing a skincare routine, understanding your skin type and knowing the science behind why you do what you do so you know what ingredients to check for. I even have an entire post dedicated to common skincare ingredients and what they do for your skin! let me know what you think as i am quite proud of it xox your local bohemian


  2. Nice to see more Australian products being featured. I like the sound of this brand – I’ll have to check it out!


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