Ask the bride: Is it ever ok to wear white to a wedding?

dresses at a weddingBy Franziska Dotzauer

Recently wedding blog asked their readers, editors and us a in wedding circles heavily discussed question: Is it ever ok to wear white to a wedding? The opinions vary and a lot of people seem to be confused. Now, let me, as a bride-to-be, make this clear once and for all, there really is only one answer to the question: NO!

It’s actually pretty simple. It’s not ok. And really, I don’t think anyone should have to explain themselves as to why they’d rather not have their guests wear the one single colour that has been reserved for the bride for centuries, but it wouldn’t be a debate if I didn’t sprinkle a few controversial points across the topic, so here we go.

The actual question is not whether it is ok to wear white or not; the question to be asked is: Why on earth would you want to wear white? It might come as a shock to you, but there are many other colours in this world. Millions of colours in fact. And here you are thinking of wearing the one taboo colour to your friend’s wedding? I frankly don’t get how this has even become an issue. White is, and has always has been, the bride’s colour. Period. There’s nothing to argue about. Guests don’t wear white unless they are asked to do so. I know, there are many of you advocating for cute white loose dresses or white jumpsuits, since they don’t look like wedding gowns AT ALL and because traditions die, and so forth. Stop it, seriously. The whole discussion has absolutely nothing to do with dying traditions or the colour white itself; it is all about wearing the bride’s colour or in this case NOT wearing the bride’s colour. I mean come on, these days, barely any bride wears white to honour her virginity, it’s simply a tradition and regardless of what you might think, it’s staying.

Maybe ask yourself: If the bride wore neon green and you knew that, would you want to wear neon green too? Probably not. You’re better off wearing black or red than white, really. As long as you and the bride aren’t matching, everything is ok! White’s okay if the bride wears red, red’s okay if the bride wears whatever and black is always okay as long as you avoid the funeral look and throw in a few colourful accessories. Makes sense, right? Now, if you have already fallen in love with this gorgeous white dress and you can’t think of anything else to wear amongst all these dress types, cuts and colours, I’d advise you to go and ask the bride. If she’s okay with it, do it. But I bet you, there will be people who wonder who the girl in the white dress is, who’s just broken the most important rule ever. Don’t forget weddings are family events with people from all generations attending and I can tell you right now, grandma will not be impressed to hear about your new age stance on dying wedding traditions. So, what do you reckon, is it really worth it? As for me, I think everyone should do us brides-to-be a massive favour, and stop this discussion. There are enough things we have to worry about leading up to the wedding and YOUR dress shouldn’t be one of them. So let me say it again, the bride wears white, so you need to look for another colour, sorry girls.

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