Must-have beauty product of the moment: Origins Out Of Trouble mask

origins out of troubleI enjoy a little girly, DIY pampering session on a rainy Sunday, I’m not going to lie. Applying a nice little mask after exfoliating makes me feel as if I am proactively doing something  good for my skin (yay!). The problem is, there are too many perfume and chemically stuffed masks available at the drugstore and while I do love the smell of strawberry, vanilla, coconut or mango, the ones heavy on perfumes are hardly beneficial or healthy for your delicate face. When choosing masks – any skin product really – you want to opt for something that’s at least predominantly natural and dermatologically tested (not on animals!) and approved, so you can be sure your pretty face won’t suffer any reactions. Personally, I often don’t have time for lengthy routines, Origins’ 10-minute Out of Trouble mask is great when you’re in a hurry and in need of quick pampering. The mask is full of active ingredients that combat blemishes, oiliness and draw toxins out of your skin, it includes super-absorbent zinc oxide, sulfur, salicylic acid and calming camphor. Don’t panic if you end up with a few little spots after using it for the first time, your skin will be radiant once all the toxins have surfaced and cleared up. The mask is a bit pricier than the average product but if you want to see instant results, you’ll want to give it a go.

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