Dating a guy with a beard? 5 things that will sound oh-so familiar!

beardsMen and beards, it’s a thing. I’ve never given it much thought, but they are quite frankly, everywhere.

To be honest with you, I don’t think I actually noticed the beard trend too much until of late. Of course, there was the bartender with his strikingly mahoosive moustache that made me chuckle a little bit, just because he looked so dapper – in a 1930s way of course. Then there are the full-bearded men roaming the streets of Bondi, also, not really my concern. Or the barista who must spend more money on beard wax than I spend on groceries –not a drastic comparison there, my fridge is notoriously empty!

Now that I think of it, I don’t think I ever really had an opinion on beards. I always found the Movember moustache outbreak a bit full on, but as long as it’s for a good cause and not just for attention, I am all in (in spirit).

I think the only time a beard ever had an impact on my life was when we were toddlers and my sister was so terrified of our bearded pediatrician that we had to change doctors. Apart from that, and due to my very female nature, I’ve never really had to think about facial hair or what you can do with it, for that matter.

All up until now. Now, I am dating a guy with a beard and suddenly beards, moustaches and various styles of said facial hair are topics of conversation around the apartment. And because I find the whole thing quite entertaining, I’ve decided to dedicate a story to the beard and the attached boy, so I compiled a list of top 5 things you’ll come across when you’re dating a guy who’s into his beard.

1. You suddenly find yourself researching beard trends
Let me tell you, I know far more about the evolution of beards than I did a few months ago. How?, you might ask, well sometimes you just got to do what you got to do, especially when you want to delight your man with a few quirky links. Hipsters with flowers in their beards anyone? Or he sends me photos of a particularly stylish, inspirational specimen, which then makes me research other beardly shapes. Turns out, there is a lot to be found on the net, even the major publications are giving their five cents, from The Guardian to The New York Times, just have a cheeky look.

2. You  start getting involved in the grooming ritual
Ok not quite literally, but I have recently played my part in changing the look of the boyfriend’s beard. And let me point out, contraire to what the parentals believe, it was not my idea. So the other day, boyfriend came up to me and announced he was thinking about dying the beard. Now while most guys try to go from light to dark, combating unwanted ginger tones, my boyfriend was planning the opposite procedure. Naturally tanned and blessed with dark hair he announced it was time to dye the beard blonde. While I should probably have stopped him then and there, I, driven by curiosity, went and bought a pack of hair dye labeled Nordic Blonde. I only did this under the condition that I can write about it, of course. Here we are, the beard was dyed that night, is now a golden colour and I am dating a Viking – mwah!

3. Moustache or no moustache – that is the question
… and an age-old one it is. If your boyfriend is the bearded kind, he’ll probably develop a fascination with moustaches, most likely because it’s the biggest beard add-on there is. Now, it doesn’t matter if you’re pro or con moustache – if you’re still on the fence here’s a list of the 15 sexiest moustaches that might just win you over – you can be sure that everyone, friends and family, will have an opinion on your boyfriend’s face, and they are not going to hold back. Then there comes Movemeber, the discussion implodes, and every male sports at least the attempt of a moustache, sadly not always for charity, and that is the exact point when it’s time to get rid of it.

4. The tache becomes everyone’s business
So if you’re dating a man and his moustache, you’ll know this one: Not only has everyone in your/his social circle an opinion and feels entitled to express it, be it positive or negative – the negative ones will most probably just egg him on to grow the darn thing even bigger – but you’ll also come across strangers who are not shy to comment. There’s been a notable amount of instances where an absolute stranger has come up to my boyfriend to congratulate him on his “amazing moustache”.

5. You end up knowing more about beard products than physics 
I suck at physics but I am a sucker for beauty products. What I didn’t know until recently however is, that there is a huge market and various ranges of beard grooming products with the funniest names out there. Beard wax, scissors, brushes, grooming kits and even mango and vanilla scented beard oils “for the manliest of man beards”, it all exists and is ready and available on the net. And the craziest thing is, guys buy it. And I am not even talking about the overly metrosexual kind either. Manly, tattooed, beard-growing men spend money on sweet smelling oils and products to get their beards luscious and into shape. I am actually mind blown. The beard/moustache trend has actually spun out of control and it’s quite fascinating, really.

Are you dating a manly man with a beard or tache? Or do you just have an opinion? Feel free to share your thoughts with me. x

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