5 things you do that he thinks are more turn off than turn on

things guys think is a turn offWelcome to our new section Ask Ken. Here, Ken will answer all your boy related queries and help you through the mess that is the dating world.

Today we asked Ken the age-old question: What do we girls think is attractive that guys consider more of a turn off than a turn on. Here is what he had to say:

1. Too much makeup
There is nothing better than natural beauty, flaws and all. I like seeing beauty spots and freckles. Don’t layer on makeup to a point where you’re unrecognisable, we, guys, just end up wondering what you might be hiding under there. Also, personally, I’d urge you to step away from that pale pink lipstick colour, it induces nightmares.

2. Fake add-ons
You don’t need false eyelashes, fake nails, tan or hair extensions, we really can’t tell the difference anyways. As said before we’d rather have you look natural, so we won’t have to deal with any surprises later. Remember that Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode where the girl basically disassembles herself within minutes, yeah that’s the stuff horror movies are made out of.

3. Being too naked
Save some for the imagination! Of course guys enjoy looking at a girl’s legs, cleavage, and butt, I am not going to deny it, but the girls who give it all away with tight and short outfits, are not the type of girls we would ever consider taking home to meet our mothers. Keep putting on those high-heels though…they ARE sexy…

4. Big handbags and belts that don’t do anything
As for the handbags, I just have one question: What the heck are you putting in there? If you need a suitcase, just bring a suitcase! And what are these belts doing that are clearly not holding anything up? Why wear a belt where no belt is needed? I don’t understand…

5. In-your-face arrogance
I do like a girl who is confident, it’s just not an attractive quality when girls are openly cocky and brags about being able to take anyone home at anytime. Be a bit more humble and tone it down a bit. Being arrogant, shallow or full of yourself is not going to attract the right type of guy.

There you have it, girls! Keep checking back for more straight talk from Ken or if you have a burning question yourself, you can email it to Ken@loveletterstoken.com.


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