Must-have beauty product of the moment: Milky Foot

milky-footI first read about the not-really-a-pedicure pedicure on the web. Somewhere on one of the many beauty/relationship/gossip blogs or mags I follow, one of the editors had tried out Baby Foot, a treatment where you put on a pair of “booties” containing a concoction of 17 natural ingredients that exfoliates your feet and leaves you with wonderful, baby-like paws. I was immediately hooked by the idea, I too wanted feet like a newborn….kinda, sorta, you know what I mean.

Based in Australia, I couldn’t get hold of Baby Foot at the time – even though it looks like it’s been released here now – so I opted for Milky Foot Regular, which works on the same principle. You put on a pair of plastic booties for 45-60 minutes, and then all you have to do is wait for the ingredients to do their job. Milky Foot’s main ingredient is ExMilac.

Nothing will happen for about three to four days but then your feet will start peeling for a good week or so. I am not going to lie, the peeling phase is pretty gross and you will have to wear closed shoes for a while, as your feet will be anything but presentable to the public. But, the end result is 100% worth it. Other than the usual salon treatment, it removes dead and dry skin gently (at least more gently than a razor) and moisturises your feet, so they’ll feel uber soft.

I even managed to convince boyfriend to partake in my not-really-a-pedicure pedicure experiment – lucky for him the booties come in large too. And even though he had been a bit sceptical about this to say the least, he too thought the results were great. Only, wearing closed shoes for about a week straight wasn’t really for him, my Australian likes his ‘thongs’ too much.

What are your pedicure beauty hacks? Feel free to share with us in the comment section below!


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