Kylie Jenner Challenge – What really happens when you suck on an egg cup

By Katie Stow

From the ‘Rachel’ hair to Beyonce’s bootylicious behind, it is fair to say that history is full of  beauty fads and fashions that captured generations. And nothing has changed, however, the latest trend in looking good is perhaps the strangest one yet..

With its own front woman and a viral hashtag that has triggered not only over 121 thousand photos (and counting) on Instagram but also stimulates 200 tweets every 6 minutes, we have a trend at hand that is borderline out of control…and slightly dangerous.

Of course, I am referring to the #kyliejennerchallenge (as the title suggests, duh!) in which teens across the globe are attempt to replicate the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan’s infamous lips.

Ms. Kylie Jenner, 17, has experienced what looks like, a medical miracle in which her lips – supposedly without the assistance of plastic surgery – have quadrupled in size.   And how did KimmyK’s youngest sister pull this off? Apparently with 40 minutes of “overlining” to build a new lip with liner and gloss ……… However, unless you are Da Vinci or have far too much time on your hands, there is a quick fix solution, which is what has gotten all of these tweenyboppers so excited. Kylie-style lips can be achieved in approximately 60 seconds, and all you need is a shot glass and an inspirational selfie of little Miss Jenner to keep your pout motivated.

Admittedly entertaining videos have shown fans (and a few haters) shoving their smile into a shot glass and trying to suck it out for 60 seconds, with varying results. To prevent my readers from adding to this pool of mayhem, I have graciously offered to sacrifice myself to save others. Yes, I too have accepted the #kyliejennerchallenge and here is my tragic story.

It starts the same way every great Kardashian story does: with a selfie.


So this is me. Pre-face sucking incident. A much happier time.

Then came the hunt around the house to find a shot glass, only to discover that because I am one wild 21 year old, the closest I had in the cupboard was an egg cup. It’ll do!

I entered the challenge with caution…

Katie 2


But mastered the technique pretty quickly…

Katie 3


The sensation of getting strangely up close and personal with an egg cup could be compared to having your mouth sucked off your face by a vacuum. It stings, it’s sore and I am now very unsure whether I will last the next 56 seconds.

Katie 4

I forged on with my venture, and after what felt like a century of paralysing my pout, it was time for the big reveal…


It seems that someone has stolen my original human mouth and replaced it with this red, scratchy, inflamed beast of a gob. I felt like I had been given an overwhelming batch of anaesthetic and instantly drooled.



And to top it off, I had this rather horrendous red goatee situation surrounding my mouth. Not attractive.

I remained in this rash-inflated state for about half an hour, which is when Jenner-lip addicts would recommend doing this all again.

I honestly have no idea how Kylie pulls this nonsense off, if she does. It is painful, temporary and has huge potential to mess up your face for good. I’m talking more than just ‘the wind will change and you’ll be left with that ugly mug’ (though top notch advice there, thanks Grandma) – teens have actually been left with bruises, welts and scars after attempting the #kyliejennerchallenge. This is why, as a lucky survivor of the challenge, I am urging people to save yourselves by avoiding this questionable trend and, as a reward, I can promise that you won’t look as horrendous as I do in that last shot.

It seems like my hunt for the perfect pout has failed once again. And, honestly, I am a little relieved, as I never ever want to endure that face-destroying beauty hack ever again.

Egg Cup = 1, Katie = 0(uch).


About the author: Katie Stow 

Katie Sassy-Stow is a British import who is putting her pasty skin to the test by braving life Down Under. She is a busy gal as a full-time student, part-time marketing intern, regular fashion and beauty writer and professional napper. She enjoys stalking trashy celebrities online, not doing sport and taking long romantic walks to the fridge.

One thought on “Kylie Jenner Challenge – What really happens when you suck on an egg cup

  1. this is awesome! (the post not the effects) I hope everyone who’s considering this reads this post. You’re a brave one for trying – and photographing- this!

    I just don’t get how stuff like this gets popular. haha

    xox Lo


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