5 vegan Instagram accounts you need to follow – even if you’re not vegan

I’m not vegan. I love veggies and fruit but I never made that commitment to become 100% vegan. I do enjoy a lot of vegan recipes though, in fact, I love vegan desserts so much, I once (maybe drunkenly) announced to my (now) vegan friend  that I would go vegan just so I can eat vegan cakes. Of course, that never happened but I still love my vegan desserts. And let’s face it, you don’t need to be vegan to eat vegan, silly me! So, to get some healthy and often colourful recipe inspiration, I follow a few vegan Instagrammers to keep me going on my journey to perfecting avocado brownies. And here they are, beautifully compiled for all of you to check out and follow:

  1. Sad Vegan Girl

Is she really sad? I don’t know, but Bianca’s recipes and colourful posts are amazing and a great inspiration for anyone who’d like to try something new. The best part is, she not only posts photos of food but also shows you how to make it on her blog. You’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy in one of the three sections: breakfast, savouries and sweets (yay! Cake!)

vegan instagram accounts to followvegan instagram accounts to follow










  1. The Happy Clean Vegan

Grace is the Happy Clean Vegan, a holistic health coach in training and, if her profile pic is anything to go by, a dedicated yogi. Grace posts amazing photos of her meals usually with the recipe in the caption. I am a fan of her pancake creations, they are just delicious. And if you read Grace’s captions closely, she might just give you a glimpse into her private life, struggles and all. The Happy Clean Vegan will inspire you beyond food.

vegan instagram accounts to follow vegan instagram accounts to follow










  1. The Vegan Box

Vegan doesn’t just mean food, it also means beauty. And that’s one area where we all should try and be better. Because no animal should have to suffer for a bit of anti-wrinkle cream. Products without animal ingredients, such as beeswax, and which are not tested on animals are considered vegan. (For a list of animal ingredients head to peta.org.)

The guys from The Vegan Box put together two types of boxes every month which you can subscribe to. There is the Beauty Box ($49. 95) – full of natural, cruelty free, vegan and palm oil free goodies to make you look and feel oh-so-pretty. And then there is the Vegan Box ($26.95)­ – 100% vegan and palm oil free – full of natural amazingness, snacks, superfoods and skincare or lifestyle products. Check out their website here.

vegan instagram accounts to follow vegan instagram accounts to follow










  1. The Vegan Food Spot

LA-based The Vegan Food Spot shares healthy recipes daily. They either feature recipes and photos posted by other vegan foodies from around the globe or their own creations. You can find detailed recipes on their facebook page. Portobello Burger with pumpkin butter – do I need to say more?

5 vegan instagram accounts to followvegan instagram accounts to follow










  1. Vegan Rawrior

If you want to take the vegan experience even further, then Melbourne-based Dianne has something for you. Not only is she vegan but raw vegan. Traditionally, raw vegan describes a plant-based diet with nothing being heated over 48 °C. Dianne shares photos of her meals on Instagram, you can find the recipes to match on her blog. Here, you also find a bit about her journey to raw-veganism and how she has benefited from it.

vegan instagram accounts to follow vegan instagram accounts to follow









I hope my top five accounts inspire you to branch out from your regular cooking routine and if you have any tips, tricks, accounts or faves to share, feel free to do so in the comment section below.

Cover Image Credit: Vegan Food Spot

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