Ken’s Vino Pick: Tyrrell’s 2013 Rufus Stone Heathcote Shiraz

2013_Tyrrells_Rufus_Stone_Heathcote_Shiraz-Love a red? Love a Shiraz? Ken’s got just the right vino for you – a true Australian straight from the vineyards of Heathcote, Victoria.

Tyrrell’s award-winning 2013 Rufus Stone Heathcote Shiraz teases palates with its big soft fruit flavours balanced by regional minerality and notes of elegant oak. The nose is heavy on regional ripe plum and dark cherries with a pinch of white pepper and sweet vanillin. A red wine so rich yet so fresh – great for sipping on its own or as a accompaniment to lamb, beef or game dishes.

And while this particular wine is a wonderful composition of notes and flavours, Tyrrell’s has a long history of producing fine wines. The wine manufacturer has been around since 1858 and has been family owned ever since. The company’s vineyards extend from their historic home in the Hunter Valley (definitely worth a visit, for its wonderful setting and of course, wine tasting) to the Limestone Coast in South Australia and the above mentioned Heathcote, Victoria. Their extensive range of wines, red, white, sparkling and fortified is sure to offer something for everyone and every occasion. And the best part is you don’t have to travel to one of their outlets every time you need to restock, you can have your favourite wine delivered to your front door whenever you please.

If you’d like to look at their offerings or learn a bit more about the history of this family-owned business, check out their website.

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