5 Tips on how to grow your hair long and healthy

If you’ve read my other beauty and product posts, you know that I like to experiment with my hair. I dye it, cut it, put extensions in, take the extensions out, cut it again and so on. I am currently in the process of growing out a lob and letting my hair recover from all the dying. Turns out, I am anything but patient and one of the reasons I am writing this post is to motivate myself to stick it out and apply all my knowledge rather than making an appointment at the hairdressers to give it a dye job and a cut.

There is no miracle treatment to speed up hair growth – no matter what they tell you on Instagram – but there are things you can do to support growth and health of your tresses. So, if you’re looking to get your hair healthy and/or long, then keep reading, I have a few handy tricks for you.

Are you ready? Here are my top five products and tricks that will help you to get your hair to look and feel healthy again.


    1. Time
      Yes, I know, it is lame but time really is in your favour. I haven’t dyed my hair in 9 months, and surprise, surprise (!) it is already looking so much healthier and I don’t have to cut it as often, because I don’t repeatedly damage the ends with bleach. So by just leaving your hair to its natural state, it won’t just get healthier but also longer.
    2. Brushes
      When you have fine hair like mine, it is especially important that you use the right brush and that you avoid attacking it when it’s wet because it will break. I have been using the Tangle Teezer for years, you can even use it on wet hair if you must. As the name suggest it helps detangle your hair and is super gentle. The other brush I suggest you get your hands on is the Cleansing Brush  by Marlies Moeller. It removes product residue and is very kind to your locks. I even used it with my extensions, and it wouldn’t pull them out or get tangled in bondings.
    3. Stay away from heat
      Again, it’s simple but we do tend to ignore this one. Any type of heat – be it blow drying, curling or flat irons – damages your hair. Blow drying removes moisture from your hair, it causes your hair to become brittle, so your strands will  break much easier. Your cuticles also suffer, heat breaks them down which will cause your hair to look dull and lifeless. Curling and flat irons can causes cracking along the edges of the cuticles, which again, causes breakage. Using a flat iron on wet hair is also something you should definitely stay away from, it’s more damaging than you think. If you still feel like you need to blow dry, straighten or curl your hair – and let’s be real you can’t avoid these things – then use heat protection products.
    4. Conditioning
      In a previous post I already told you about Revlon Nutri Colour Creme, which is an amazing 3-minute hair mask and conditioner that gives you a burst of colour without damaging your hair. I also like to apply organic coconut oil once a fortnight and leave it in over night. I usually massage the oil into my scalp to moisturise and then work it into the rest of my hair. Coconut oil works as a deep conditioner, it fights dry ends and apparently even encourages hair growth when applied on the scalp. My hair loves it and always emerges shinier and healthier when I wash the oil out.
    5. Tight Ponytails
      If you have fine hair or damaged hair, hair ties are not your friend. I used to wear mine in a ponytail or tied up a lot, even at night because I thought it was better for my skin, and I always wondered why my hair broke at the exact same length, until I put two and two together and realised it was exactly where my ponytail was sitting. So if your hair is already a bit brittle or you tend to overtreat it, just find other, less stressful styles for a while so you can grow out the ‘layers’ and let it recover.

These are my five tips for healthier, happier hair, I hope you found them useful. And as always, if you have tips of your own, feel free to share them with me in the comment section below.

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