This caviar mask will make your skin glow

My Beauty Diary Caviar MaskThis little gem came to me all the way from Thailand. My Beauty Diary’s Caviar Mask is said to be the No. 1 selling mask in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. And because I am no stranger to some of the crazy (good!!!) product inventions flooding Asian beauty stores, I was more than excited to try this mask on my European skin.

The Caviar Mask promises to moisturise deeply and revive resilience –not that my skin is sagging all thaaat much at 28, just sayin’.  The mask contains extracts of caviar, arnica montana, marigold and gingko and baobab tree pulp; packed with all that goodness, it promises radiant skin.

I got the two-sachet pack, which was surprisingly heavy. Once I opened the first sachet, I found out why. You’re not actually left to scoop black caviar onto your face, as the little image on the box might suggest, instead you’re presented with a white sheet mask which you can apply to your face straight away. It’s very mess free which I liked. And in case you were wondering, the sheet mask has already cut out holes for your eyes, nose and mouth, so you can do whatever you like – even write a blog post – in the thirty minutes you’re leaving it on.

The sheet then gets peeled off and all you have to do is massage any remaining product into your skin – no rinsing necessary. How easy it that?

My skin really did feel refreshed and much softer – I would even go so far as to say it was glowing. But I am not sure if the mask would be able to get rid of any wrinkles or sagging just like that.

If you’re not in love with the thought of having fish eggs on your face, why not try a pearl, red wine or strawberry mask? My Beauty Diary offers a wide range of masks suitable for most skin types, just make sure you enable translation when heading to their website, I was pretty lost the first time around.


Did you enjoy this post? Let me know if you’ve tried this mask yourself or if you have any skin care products you’re in love with right now.


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