My top 10 products for beautiful hands and feet

Who doesn’t like a good mani/pedi?  But sometimes you just don’t have the time or money to run off to a beauty salon to get it all done professionally. Or maybe you just don’t trust anyone with your paws. Fear not, there are some simple, quick and affordable ways to keep your hands and feet in top shape all year round – or even just in between spa visits. Here are my top 10 beauty products for beautiful hands and feet.

1. Baby Foot 
Before even bothering with picking a nail polish colour, get your hands on a pack of Baby Foot. It’s an exfoliant for your feet easily done while you’re sitting in front of the TV. It’ll take about a week for your feet to totally shed dead layers of skin, but the result is worth it, super soft, baby-like feet. To learn more, click here if you’re based in Oz, or here if you’re based elsewhere in the world.


2. Hand Cream
Doing dishes, cleaning products, even just washing your hands repeatedly can dry them out, so to keep your hands soft by regularly using hand cream. There are many great brands out there, one of my favourites is Eucerin’s Intensive Repair Extra.

3. Foot Cream
Moisturising your feet is just as important as moisturising your hands. If you want them to stay soft – even after using baby foot – then I suggest you start using foot cream once in a while. Slap on your moisturiser of choice, I suggest Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream, pop a pair of socks on and leave it over night, you’ll see and feel a difference the next morning.

4. An at-home mani/pedi kit
I’ve got one, and it’s saved me a couple of times when I just totally forgot to make an appointment at the salon. At-home sets are great to get your hands and feet into shape in no time at all. It’s a one-off investment and can totally save you money and running around the city. Again, there are plenty out there and you can spend a small fortune on these sets if you really want to, but one that I find great is the Remington Flawless Nails Manicure & Pedicure Kit, and it certainly doesn’t break the bank.



5. A foot file
Once you’ve gotten a good pedicure, you surely want to maintain it as long as possible. A foot file, used once or twice a week to get rid of any dead skin, will do the trick – and they only cost a couple of bucks. If you’re more one for electronics, Sholl just released an electronic option called Velvet Smooth Express Pedi with Diamond Crystals, which I am dying to try but it’s a little on the pricier side .

6. Glass Nail File
I am sure you’ve got a nail file at home, who doesn’t? But have you ever tried a glass file? I prefer them over the traditional metal ones and you can use them for both, your natural and your acrylic nails.

7. Cuticle Oil
Keep your nails healthy by looking after your cuticles. I’m a big fan of the Nails inc Vitamin e Cuticle Oil pen, it hydrates and nourishes my cuticles and helps with healthy nail growth.


8. Base Coat
Before you attack your nails with one of those crazy nail colours we all love so much, apply a base coat. It’ll protect your nails from discolouring and can support healthy growth. Check out Essie’s range of base coats, they’re all fabulous and cater to different nail needs.

9. Nail Polish
I don’t think nail polish has to be expensive as long as you apply a good quality base and top coat (hop to #10). Any drugstore brand will do, often they even last longer or are easier to apply than the expensive ones. I like Rimmel’s nail products, especially the 60 seconds  and the Salon Pro with Lycra ranges, and I often turn to Manhattan’s fun colours to mix it up.

10. Top Coat
If you  want to make your at-home mani/pedi last, you need to invest in a good top coat. Believe me, the right top coat can make the difference between your colour lasting two days or two weeks. Again, I like to turn to Essie for my top coats. It might cost you a little more but you’ll see the difference.


What are your favourite nail products and tips and tricks? As always, feel free to share in the comment section below!

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