Ken’s girl – The lady behind the blogChristina Beischl

Name: Christina

Age: 28

Places lived: Munich, London, Sydney.

Things I love: A good story, usually the totally embarrassing kind….and adventures, I love a good adventure!

Things I hate: Uncomfortable socks.

Something you really didn’t need to know about me: I am awful at remembering choreographies; I am forever that one person at the back of the class making up moves. I have a hell of a time though! (Don’t ask about my burlesque attempt – stick figure trying to be sexy!)

A bit about my career and this blog: I’ve been working in the media world for quite a while, from writing for InStyle.co.uk to hosting on the radio, producing short films, working for major film studios, in PR and as an editor for American Express magazines, I have come a long way, and it wasn’t always easy.

My tendencies to over-share, my love for a good story, a passion for design, fashion and beauty as well as traveling led me to create Love Letters to Ken, a platform where I can play with ideas and share my thoughts and opinions for the world to see. I try and keep it light and entertaining. This isn’t a diary; some of the scenarios have been exaggerated or created for entertainment purposes – just like a good reality show. Something I tend to compare my life to on the regular.

On loveletterstoken.com you find stories on relationships (lovers & friends), health, fitness and products I love (beauty & health), places to go and see (out & about) as well as some random stuff I deem hot enough to share (hot list). Ken himself also shares his wisdom with you and you can ask him questions, if there is a topic you’d like him to discuss (ask ken).

Where did the blog’s name come from? One of my most favourite topics to write about is dating and relationships. I am now engaged  (wohoo! I made it, guys!) but back when I started this blog,  my dating life was a bit more chaotic. It never used to be of the textbook kind and rather than blaming myself for it, I pointed a finger at society (of course). I thought, had I not grown up listening to stories about Prince Charming and playing with Barbie and her beautiful, perfect manfriend Ken, my expectations would have been lower and my love life less complicated. So I decided to dedicate my previous love fails to my kiddy me’s favourite toys, because deep down I always knew that my tall, handsome, smart and kind-hearted Ken with his amazingly full hair was out there somewhere.

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