Here you’ll find some of my published work. The links will take you to either PDF versions of stories printed or to the respective websites.


Sisters (IMDb)



Magazines (English)

Centurion Magazine Mark Shaw

Centurion Magazine Fine Wine meets High Design

Centurion Magazine Peak Performance

Centurion Magazine Culinary Capitals

Centurion Magazine  The Hotel Report

Centurion Magazine Men’s Best

Centurion Magazine Tender is the Design

Centurion Magazine The Getaway

Centurion Magazine Treasure Hunt

Departures Magazine  Adventuring Beyond

Departures Magazine Perfect Harmony

Departures Magazine South Beach Sighting

Only Magazine The Smart Guide

Only Magazine Visconti

Only Magazine Richard Branson



High Heels and Hangovers

How to spot a cheater


Jennifer Aniston to launch her own perfume

VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Lautner talks about his work out regime

Amy Winehouse designs for Fred Perry

Watch Kellan Lutz in the new incredibly sexy Calvin Klein X ad

Eliza Doolittle to perform at River Island Secret Session show

Viktor & Rolf design for Lady GaGa’s latest video

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Watch Alice in Wonderland costume special

PHOTOS: See newly released Angelina Jolie teen model pics


Behind the Lense

Colonial Colombia

Belle Epoque Bubbles

Frank Sinatra


A Premiere to Party

Rewrite the Future

Top five: Nutty Nutcrackers

 g2m solutions

Thought Leadership Comes Last – Put your story first

Checklist: How to pick a brand journalist

So you want to be a Master Blogger? 5 Hot Tips to get you there

Let the Power of Pop Culture Spice up your Content Marketing

5 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out For in 2014

Step up your lead generation game with these 5 tips

5 ways to combat that annoying writer’s block of yours


How to maximise social media sales by reshaping your online distribution

Catering to the sophisticated traveller: Why all hoteliers work for a luxury hotel – Part 1 of 2

Catering to the sophisticated traveller: Why all hoteliers work for a luxury hotel – Part 2 of 2

Reach business travellers where they are – 3.3 nights a week

Smartphones and app mania – how hotels can tap into the millennial market (ghostwritten)

Why hotels need direct access to China’s booming travel market (ghostwritten)



Magazines (German) – Magazine (Deutsch)

Departures Magazin Abenteuer

Centurion Magazin Mode

Centurion Magazin Diven

Centurion Magazin Dinner in Miami

Selects Magazin London

Selects Magazin Outdoor Baummuseum

Selects Magazin Gold wächst auf der Wiese

Selects Magazin Deutsche Klassiker

Selects Magazin Aufgelesen

Selects Magazin Wein News

Selects Magazin Orkney 

SelectsMagazin Forte Village

Selects Magazin Azoren

Selects Magazin Andaman Islands




The Setai

The World

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