Watch 40 rare celebrity audition tapes in one awesome video

From Brad Pitt, Emma Stone, Steve Carell and Robert de Niro to a very young Leonardo DiCaprio, Megan Fox and Keanu Reeves, Prank Media has compiled a rare video of casting tapes showing the actors auditioning for movie parts before they were famous. Remember Alyson Hannigan’s famous band camp line? Yes? Here you go!  

The top three Lifetime movies of the 2000s

By Claudia Everly If you’re not yet familiar with the veritable treasure trove that is Lifetime Channel for Women’s über-preachy, über-angsty and amazingly addictive movie catalogue, I judge you. But no worries, the stigma of your ignorance can be easily lifted in about four hours. All you need is a computer, access to YouTube, a…